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8 tips to easily increase your family's rainbow foods 🌈🥑🧄🥦🌰🍆🍈

1) Add frozen veg to a daily smoothie or ‘chocolate milk’. This is perfect for all the family and a great way to get the plant chemicals, fibre, protein and fats needed to support energy and cognition. I like to add frozen cauliflower and avocado to a berry and chocolate smoothie – we promise you will be pleasantly surprised!

2) Blend pulses and beans (my favourite are butter beans and cashew nuts) with tinned tomatoes, garlic and herbs for an easy and creamy pasta sauce.

3) Offer a fruit salad alongside toast or cereal with breakfast.

4) Include mineral rich foods such as dates, seeds & dried apricots as part of a home-made trail mix snack.

5) Add a tablespoon of milled seeds such as pumpkin, chia and/or flax to pancake mix to boost its nutritional value and help to top up fibre levels for a healthy gut.

6) Chia seeds added to porridge & flapjacks can aid constipation & gut health

7) If you whizz fresh spinach up in a blender and add to casseroles and 'gravy' type dishes, the kids won't notice and they get they get a good dose of the important developmental nutrients folate & iron!

8) Pop a rainbow tracker on your fridge and incentivise the kid to tick each one, you'll be surprised how motivating it is for all the family

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